Delivery Options
We want to provide you with the proper tools to make the delivery of your music much more convenient. We understand your business and we are here to make our product as efficient and compatible to your work process as possible. Our list of delivery methods include, every file format available, online music search and download, and Soundminer compliant files.
When you find the music you need simply include any file format of your choice (AIFF, MP3) and we’ll send you the download links. No need to worry about any missing files as you’ll have total access to everything you are licensed for. Do you need it in another format? No problem! Just send us a quick email and we will provide it for you!
Providing our clients with different options of music delivery is just one of our many priorities. We want to save you time and ensure that you get the best service possible. With this in mind, LALA in the Box has every file categorized using Soundminer, a popular audio file management application that allows you to search and browse through thousands of tracks. This program has many features including editable and zoomable waveforms, dynamic databasing and embedded metadata and editor.
Our music library is Soundminer enabled to give you easy access and manageability to your music library. This state of the art software allows you to manage your entire music library in one program, rather than navigating between different pages.
Because we know our clients need a flexible delivery format, we also offer stems for each track in our library. Stem is a single instrument, a group of instruments or layers which make up the mix of a piece of music. Just think of a song as a delicious cake! Every layer makes up the entire cake itself. We offer the service of delivering these “layers” to our clients fully mastered and ready for any task.
Every track and “layer” of track is mastered by professionals in our studio in the highest quality possible. As mentioned previously our formats offered are:
  • 24 Bit, 48kHz AIFF
  • Mp3