Electronic Dance

a variety  of instruments mixed with electronic sounds

Uplifting acoustic & orchestral tracks - Funny & Magical

Fantastic Big Band Arrangments by the Grammy Award Nominee Ed Neumeister. Movie "Catch me if you can " meets "Whiplash"

Tension & Suspense. Different genres

Uplifting modern & BIG sounding Electronic Cinematic tracks

HIP-Hop - with Country Specific Elements

Acoustic Guitar Tracks / different styles / includes a Hit Song

fun, sneaky, cute tracks

Modern Funkmusic

High Quality Extreme Strings and FX - SCARY

Singer-Songwriter Patric Johnston takes you on a tour from ACOUSTIC  emotional songs to COLDPLAY-soundalikes.

Lounge and Chill Music. Includes tracks with ETHNIC ELEMENTS

Hip Sounds from good old Urban

EDM Summer Dance Party – Dance Music

EDM Summer Dance Party - Dance Music

Romantic Piano & Orchestra / Classical Music / Dreamy

Solo Piano for the intimate moments

cool Hip Hop beats for the club / perfect for advertising and club scenes

Ukulele - Happy Uplifting Songs - Vol.1

Emotional Orchestral tracks - Underscore Vol.3

Best of 90s - children playground - cute songs for children themed visual media

Electronic - Dubstep / "in your face"

Uplifting Orchestral Tracks - Underscore Vol.2

Dubstep v.1 - Electric Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music

Retro Rock N'Roll

Rock with Synth Elements

Edgy Electronic - unusual sounds & comical

A mix of underscore and electronic tracks with a cool vibe

Best of 90's music / Ambient music beds / Chill tracks mixed with high energy beds

90s music at its best / short instrumentals for your retro feeling

Latin music - Party

Drama - Underscore

New Americana

Modern Americana

Powerful Trailer Music